First Time Visitors

Hello, Welcome to STL Volunteen! Here are some guidelines and tips if you’re a first time visitor: All volunteer opportunities are set up into four categories: Community, Education, Animals, and Healthcare. There are no overlaps between the categories; an opportunity that involves both Education and Animals, will be in only one of those categories. Please … More First Time Visitors


These opportunities are volunteering for the community, and getting a chance to work with the people around us. It’s not just through an organization that will help the people in the community, but you as a person will be able to make a difference through your owns words and actions. Here are organizations that can … More Community


Here, knowledge is everything. From learning to teaching, all the opportunities on this page involve the educative world. Volunteers will have the opportunities to work with kids and not only grow by helping, but also learning. Helping people younger than us is vital as they will grow up to change the community in a positive … More Education


We all love animals, so this list will give volunteers one-on-one time with the animals they love. Each of these links have many different positions to choose from, making it easier to spend time with the animals, while also enjoying the duties assigned. Volunteering in a group is also a good way to get involved … More Animals


Healthcare is one of the most important fields out there, and hospitals cannot function without volunteers in the community. It is crucial that they have the support of everyone who can help so the hospital can be cheerful as well as efficient. I spent most of my time volunteering at a hospital, and had a … More Healthcare