healthcare-industryHealthcare is one of the most important fields out there, and hospitals cannot function without volunteers in the community. It is crucial that they have the support of everyone who can help so the hospital can be cheerful as well as efficient. I spent most of my time volunteering at a hospital, and had a very enjoyable time interacting with patients, doctors, and other volunteers.

Here is a list of hospitals to get in touch with if you are interested in volunteering in healthcare.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Become a part of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital care team by assisting patients, families, and staff. Volunteers in the hospital make a positive difference. Apply today to make a change in the lives of the people there.

Mercy Hospital
Volunteer services means everything to the patients at Mercy Hospital. Applying here means volunteers will be a part of a compassionate group dedicated to helping the community.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Volunteers at Missouri Baptist find that serving the community through the healthcare sphere can be fun yet helpful and satisfying as they become involved in community service. Many different opportunities are available so click on the link to see which role fits you best.

Ranken Jordan
Ranken Jordan strives to impact children’s lives in a positive way. One of the ways is to recruit volunteers who can work directly with patients or behind the scenes. Join now to help out those in need.

St. Anthony’s Medical Center
Become a valuable volunteer by applying to St. Anthony’s. Volunteers assist patients, families, and employees. All volunteer positions are given based on current needs of the hospital and interests of the volunteer to increase efficiency.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Volunteers create a difference in the lives of everyone connected to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. And now you can make a difference too. Apply to become a volunteer and help make the hospital a comfortable place by encouraging a positive experience for everyone.

St. Luke’s Hospital
Volunteers play an important role at St. Luke’s as they help extend their mission of service in the community. Apply to St. Luke’s to encourage spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.