communityThese opportunities are volunteering for the community, and getting a chance to work with the people around us. It’s not just through an organization that will help the people in the community, but you as a person will be able to make a difference through your owns words and actions.

Here are organizations that can help you get in touch with the community around you.

Kids Under Twenty One (KUTO)
Would you like to help other teens just like you? KUTO is the perfect place to volunteer for you then. KUTO provides crisis prevention, suicide intervention, and postvention support services through community awareness, outreach, and education. Start helping others today by being a Crisis Helpline Worker, or going into Community Outreach.

CHADS Coalition
Just like KUTO, CHADS Coalition focuses on saving young lives by advancing the awareness and prevention of depression and suicide. Fill out an application today so they can work to find a volunteer position just for you.

Circle of Concern
Want to work on solving the hunger problem in the St. Louis Community? Look no further, because Circle of Concern is the place for you. Volunteers are crucial for this organization because the Circle strives to eliminate hunger and poverty. Fill out an application to see what you can do to help.

Operation Food Search
Similar to Circle of Concern, Operation Food Search combats hunger while nourishing and educating the community about the truth of hunger. With the help of volunteers, they are able to impact lives one meal at a time. Visit their website to learn more and fill out an application.

The YMCA provides community gathering, fitness centers, and financial assistance through core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Join the YMCA to promote lasting personal and social change to the community.

Crisis Aid International
Initially providing rice to the people of South Sudan, Crisis Aid has evolved to help anyone in a crisis situation. By committing to “help the helpless” Crisis Aid provides relief both locally and globally by providing training and inspiration to help families create a self-sustained living. Join Crisis Aid and fill out an application to start volunteering now.