First Time Visitors


Welcome to STL Volunteen!

Here are some guidelines and tips if you’re a first time visitor:

  1. All volunteer opportunities are set up into four categories: Community, Education, Animals, and Healthcare. There are no overlaps between the categories; an opportunity that involves both Education and Animals, will be in only one of those categories. Please be sure to check all categories to find the opportunities that best interest you.
  2. Many opportunities have age requirements. For example, in the Healthcare section, hospitals want applicants who are above a certain age. So please be sure to check all details on an organization’s webpage before applying.
  3. Many organizations also have time frames meaning you can apply during a certain part of the year. Others allow volunteers to apply any time.
  4. Time commitments are involved. Please select the volunteer opportunity that best fits your schedule. Each organization has a different requirement. Some ask for 30 hours in a year, and others ask for 30 hours over two months.
  5. All organization names are in red. If you click on it, it will take you directly to the Volunteer page.
  6. In order to keep this website useful to future and current users, I urge you to contact me with new long term volunteer opportunities. Please visit the Contact Page to send me the information.
  7. And lastly, this website is supposed to help teenagers in the St. Louis community. But if you are an adult, this website will come in handy too as most organizations need adult and teen volunteers. And for those of you visiting the page from another city or even state, I first and foremost hopes this proves to be of inspiration to someone to start a website that’s local to their community. And secondly, to them get them involved into their community. because many opportunities on this site also exist in other cities.

Thanks so much for visiting, and happy searching and volunteering!